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Flaska – the reusable glass water bottle

Flaska bottle is a reusable glass water bottle which will help you to take care of your health, the environment and save some money as well. There are many reusable water bottles, some of them also made from glass, but there is only one Flaska bottle. What makes it so special? It is programmed using our TPS technology, which results in enhanced quality of the water in the Flaska bottle.


Flaska reusable glass water bottle – your portable water spring


Flaska bottle comes in two sizes and many different designs, because reusable water bottles don’t need to be only smart and useful, they have to look nice as well. Our mini guide How to choose your Flaska bottle will help you pick the one that suits you best.



Sometimes a simple product is presented to us that has a subtle but perceptible affect. Flaska is that kind of product! You know there is a change, you feel it, and then you realize it is the simplicity of the water you are drinking from this wonderful bottle. It is like drinking from a fresh mountain spring at the base of a waterfall. It makes life good! Randy Huntington (Mike Powell`s coach)
The Flaska bottle is a wonderful innovation using new science that imprints the quartz in glass with frequencies that bring molecular structure to water. The resulting water definitely has a smoother, richer taste. We love it. —MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, authors of Dancing with Water, The New Science of Water. MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans October 2013
"Flaska doesn't cut corners. It's rare to find a glass water bottle without a plastic cap, let alone programmed glass. It's a combination not available anywhere else. I'm so thankful for all the smart people at Flaska who made these bottles a reality!" -Shawn Plepel Shawn Plepel April, 2014
I drove 400 miles to my doctor that tests everything for me and we tested the Flaska bottles. The results were amazing! First, we tested our well water in regular glass bottles and Flaska bottles. We live in an agricultural area in Northern California. Our well water has over twice the amount of Nitrates that our county says is safe to drink. Our well water NEVER tests good for me and in the glass bottle it did NOT test good. However, the well water in the Flaska bottle tested good! I drank some of the water and retested and retested. The Flaska water tested good each time! The doctor was so impressed he tested it on him, and Bill, my husband. The results were the same as mine. Next, we have a water softener filtering system for the water coming into our home. Although I use Pacific Sea Salt in the water softener, the tap water NEVER tests for me to drink, only to use topically. In the glass bottle it did NOT test. However, the tap water in the Flaska bottle tested good! Again, I drank some and retested it, and it continuously tested good. Likewise, the results were the same for the doctor and Bill. We were all very impressed with the Flaska bottles. The doctor wanted them too! I ended up giving him 3 of my Flaska bottles for him, his wife, and his daughter who has cancer. And last but not least, my Reverse Osmosis drinking water tastes 100% better in the Flaska bottles! Yeah!!! I absolutely love, love, love my Flaska bottles.

Thank you so very,very much.
Stephanie Stephanie Mills