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The reusable glass water bottle Flaska.


Flaska - True bottle, made from glass!Glass is slowly making its way back into our daily lives. Once again, we have become aware of its advantages for health and the environment. Glass won’t leach any harmful substances, smells or aromas into our beverages or food. This is why quality cosmetics, wine, oil, food supplements and medication containers are typically stored in glass. From the sustainability point of view, glass is the soundest choice due to its high recycling rate, as it is reused to manufacture products of equal quality.


The Flaska water bottle is made from robust glass, which is highly resistant to drops and knocks and will survive the majority of everyday accidents.


Flaska bottles are made in a glass factory in Florence, Italy. The attractive Italian design has been further enhanced by high breaking resistance. This will ensure you will actively use Flaska for a long time to come. The protective sleeves produced from various materials will ensure your bottle withstands the everyday accidents, thus making it your companion everywhere you go.


We found glass to be the most logical material for water bottles – it doesn’t put your health at risk, helps protect the environment and enables you to live an active lifestyle. That is why Flaska is made from glass!