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100.000 Flaska bottles

Published: 27.02.2014

Two weeks ago the first and the 100.000th Flaska met. Yes you read it correctly – we produced 100.000 Flaskas in last 4 years and sent many of them all over the world. We’re happy and proud!


These kinds of moments have to be celebrated. And we celebrated in style :), together with our friends and supporters. The 100.000th Flaska symbolically joined the first one on our ‘wall of fame’. The 100.001st Flaska was bought by the same person who bought the first one, and we decided to give the 100.002nd & 100.003rd away to our loyal customers!


All you needed to do was to share your opinion about Flaska with us – how you use it, what you like or don’t like about it, your suggestions how to improve it – anything you would like to let us know. We appreciate your feedback a lot.


We already drew both winners – Maja and Romana. Congrats! Now full steam on to number 200.000!