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2013 Water Conference

Published: 15.11.2013

At the end of October, we took part in the eighth annual “Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water” conference, which took place near the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The conference was attended by around 100 lecturers and attendees from all over the world. Slovenia was represented by Prof. Dr. Igor Jerman and Dr. Petra Ratajc from the Bion Institute, Nada Verdel as a lecturer and the author of the work “Autothixotropični fenomeni v vodi” (Autothixotropic Phenomena of Water, TN), as well as Maks Vrečko from the Flaška company.

 Flaska on annual 2013 Water Conference

Among the conference attendees, there were also numerous respected scientists, such as Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier (water structures carrying DNA information), Alberto Folleti (electromagnetic transfer of information through water), Alexander Konovalov (nanoassociates and their biological effect), Eshel Ben Jacob (natural water), Rupert Sheldrake (dogmas of science), Gerald Pollack (exclusion zone in water and health), and many more.


The 4-day conference clearly demonstrated just how complex and broad this field is. Water is the crucial element for all processes within our body, that is why understanding its behaviour in different environments (e.g. the effects of the magnetic and gravitational field on the water, transfer of information through water) can significantly contribute to improving human health.


In this context, the mission of Flaska products is extraordinary since they change the water structure. For instance in her lecture, Beverly Rubik clearly pointed out the fact that the “exclusion zone” of water is only formed if glass is used during testing, whereas plastic literally did not “allow” structuring of the water EZ.


The conference confirmed that the possible long-term health effects of the usage of Flaska products are enormous, which means that we will follow our mission with even more passion.