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Flaska Zabi

Published: 07.05.2013

We designed Flaska Zabi especially for the Zabi project run by Dr. Johannes Gutwald from Germany. The project deals with the problem of sugar consumption among children. Sweetened drinks are among the biggest culprits for this problem – what parents often aren’t aware of is the fact that our child consumes 6 sugar cubes when drinking a glass of apple or orange juice.


Zabi web page offers a lot of useful information for the parents available in German and English language. Dr. Gutwald lists the most problematic facts:

  1. the addition of sugar and starches in our diets as a result of modern industrial processes,
  2. the addition of sugar in products which are believed to contain no sugars,
  3. as well as the constant availability of sugar-rich products.

The Zabi web page illustratively presents the processes that are going on in our body after consuming food or drinks with high sugar content. Our body wants to avoid the high level of sugar in the blood. That’s why it releases insulin. The result is a rapid decrease of sugar in our blood system which leads to hunger attacks 2-3 hours later. If we fight the attacks with the additional food intake we will soon exceed the daily calorie limit. The result is excessive body weight. The diagram below shows the processes very well:



Dr. Gutwald proposes simple solutions for these challenges of modern societies. One of them is drinking water instead of sweetened drinks, especially among children.


When Dr. Gutwald noticed Flaska it appealed to him immediately, especially because of the fact that it is made of glass. As an expert in the field of preventive medicine he is after all familiar with the risks that drinking from plastic containers poses. Bright designs and colours also delighted him since children (as well as adults) are more likely to use products that appeal to them.


Flaska Zabi special edition is the result of cooperation between Dr. Gutwald and Flaska and is designed to be used by younger children. You can find it in our web shop.


Flaska Z+abi