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The Water Bottle 

For Your Health

The quality and quantity of water we drink have a direct influence on our health.

For  Your Health

The quality and quantity of consumed water can directly influence our health. After all, water is one of the key ‘ingredients’ of our body as it represents as much as 55–65% of body mass, and more than 80% of the mass of our brains. It plays an important role in body temperature regulation, it supplies cells with nutrients and oxygen via the blood, it flushes out waste. It is also present in the intestine and makes up the synovial and other body fluids while protecting the organs and connective tissues.

  • According to the latest EFSA recommendations (, an adult female should consume two litres of water, and an adult male as much as two and a half litres, per day. Unfortunately, this is often not achieved due to being too preoccupied and which often results in chronic dehydration and an increased risk of disease.

  • Juices, tea, beer etc. cannot replace water. The body first has to break down these beverages in order to obtain useful water.

  • Glass is the most appropriate material for storing water (as well as other beverages, foods, cosmetics etc.) because it will not leach any toxic or unwanted substances. Under specific conditions, various types of plastic will leach substances such as antimony or bisphenols into the water.

Make drinking water a habit. Always bring your bottle with you and remember to drink water at regular intervals. A little effort will go a long way for your health. Flaska is made from robust glass and is covered by a protective sleeve which protects it from impacts. This is why Flaska will accompany you on the go!