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Flaska is resistant to falls and blows

Flaska glass water bottle is a highly resistant reusable water bottle. It easily survives most of its daily challenges!

The bottle is the core of Flaska. We have consciously decided to use a material which provides numerous benefits to health and the environment in comparison to other materials – glass.


However, glass has a downside – in case of drops or knocks, it may become damaged or even break. But because an active life style demands an impact-resistant bottle, Flaska has been made from robust glass. This way, when combined with the protective sleeve, it will withstand virtually any everyday accident. For protection purposes, the neoprene sleeve is the most suitable as it provides the best protection in case of drops.


Flaska really is the bottle of choice for an active life style.

* Flaska is not indestructible. It will, however, survive nearly all everyday accidents.