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Pioneeers of water research 

Martin F. Chaplin

Martin F. ChaplinMartin F. Chaplin from the Applied Sciences Department at London South Bank University has dedicated a significant share of his research to water. His website “Water structure and science” offers a plethora of facts about water and is a credible source of information for everyone wishing to know more about water.


Based on scientific research, he has started to study the phenomenon of the “water memory”, which is in his opinion deceiving in the verbatim meaning of the phrase. In his work, he introduces strict distinction between the durability of various water structures and the way homeopathy works. However, Martin F. Chaplin is also critical towards his colleagues who only wave their hand when hearing of water memory and turn their backs on this idea. He strongly roots for the viewpoint that all the pro et contra evidence needs to be studied before we can make a judgement on water and its structure.


Introductory words from his website:


Water properties

Water is the most studied material on Earth but it is remarkable to find that the science behind its behavior and function are so poorly understood (or even ignored), not only by people in general, but also by scientists working with it every day. It can be extremely slippery and extremely sticky at the same time. The small size of its molecule belies the complexity of its actions and its singular capabilities. Liquid water's unique properties and chameleonic nature seem to fit ideally into the requirements for life as can no other molecule.

A number of explanations of the complex behavior of liquid water have been published, many quite recently, with several stirring up great controversy. In this web site, I have attempted to present these ideas in a self-consistent and balanced manner, which I hope will encourage both its understanding and further work.