Flaska – Your Personal Waterspring

Flaska – Your Personal Waterspring

Flaska: The Purity of Nature in Every Sip

Our unique TPS procedure redefines hydration by transforming Flaska into your personal water spring, ensuring each sip from our lead-free glass bottles is as pure as natural spring water


Dr. Masaru Emoto
The photograph taken in the Dr. Masaru Emoto Laboratory in Japan, shows the water crystal from Flaska.





Woman enjoying structured water from Flaska's environmentally friendly, BPA-free, hand blown glass bottle by the lake.



Refreshing natural spring water filling a hand-blown, environmentally friendly Flaska glass bottle, free from harmful substances and plastic.





Water & Glass: Experience Purity and Sustainability with Flaska


Transform your hydration experience with Flaska, where water becomes not just a drink, but a choice for health and sustainability. Our hand-blown glass water bottles, made from lead-free and borosilicate glass, ensure that every sip is as pure as the natural springs.


By choosing Flaska, you're opting for a plastic-free solution that's kind to your body and the environment. With our durable glass water bottles, embrace a no-waste lifestyle and the true taste of water, just as nature intended.







TPS Water Structuring: Flaska's Silicon Programming Revolution


Step into the future of hydration with Flaska's TPS Water Structuring, where advanced Technology of Programming Silicon reshapes the essence of water. Each Flaska bottle is a testament to innovation, designed to align water molecules into a vibrational structure that mirrors the life-enhancing quality of natural spring water.


Developed by Flaska d.o.o, the TPS procedure is a continuously evolving process, ensuring that with every sip, you're not just drinking water—you're hydrating with purpose




Flaska's glass bottle production line showcasing the innovative TPS Water Structuring process for programmable hydration technology.



Collection of Flaska glass water bottles, including specialized designs with neoprene sleeves and custom logos, showcasing sustainable and lead-free glass hydration options.








Explore the World of Programmed Flaška Glass Products


Flaska goes beyond just water bottles; our family of programmed glass products extends your experience of structured hydration. With Sirius glass, the Vodan jug, and the distinctively designed Flaska Uniq, we offer versatile solutions for water revitalization. Choose to impress with a meaningful gift—personalize a Flaska bottle with your company's logo or a unique design that resonates with your clients, partners, or team members.


Each Flaska product reflects our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and the commitment to a plastic-free environment.


Why is Flaska different?

Flaska changes the vibrational structure of water making it similar to spring water. Read more about it here (link)

5 minutes

after the water is poured into Flaska, full effect of the vibrational structuring of water is achieved.

BPA free

Flaska is made of glass and contains no BPA. Glass is the best material for storing water as it does not leach any toxic substances.

Proudly made in EU

Made of high-quality Italian glass with the TPS procedure applied in Slovenia, the home country of Flaska.

Since 2010

Flaska bottles are produced with love, care and knowledge in an environmentally and socially responsible company.


Is the number of Flaska bottles we have produced so far. And still counting…