Flaska – Your Personal Waterspring

Water & Glass



Water: The Essence of Life in Every Flaska Bottle

As we honor water, the fundamental life-giving liquid, Flaska invites you to go beyond quantity and deeply consider the quality of your hydration. With Flaska’s TPS Water Structuring Technology, you're not just meeting the daily recommended intake; you're choosing a vessel that guarantees the highest quality of water. It's not about drinking more—it's about drinking better.


Our commitment is to offer water in its most pristine state, held within glass bottles that exceed official standards and redefine what it means to drink water. Quench your thirst with water that is just as nature intended—pure, vibrant, and full of life.




Filling a Flaska glass with structured water, showcasing the TPS technology's impact on water quality and hydration.

A cluster of pristine Flaska glass bottles, highlighting the sustainable, recyclable quality of borosilicate glass free from harmful substances.


Glass: The Pure, Sustainable Choice for Quality Water

In the quest for pure hydration, the vessel matters as much as the water itself. Flaska’s glass bottles offer unparalleled purity—crafted from inert materials like borosilicate and lead-free glass, these vessels maintain the integrity of water, without imparting any undesirable substances or flavors.


Embrace the transparency of glass that reflects our commitment to sustainability: every Flaska bottle is a step toward an infinitely recyclable, plastic-free future.



Enhance Your Hydration: The Flaska Way to Drink Water

Understanding the importance of hydration is just the beginning. At Flaska, we advocate for not only drinking ample water but ensuring it's of the highest quality. Engage with the essence of hydration by following these steps for the best water-drinking experience:


  1. Fill Your Flaska: Use structured water to fill your Flaska bottle.

  2. Pause for Purity: Allow the water to sit for five minutes, enabling the TPS programming to restructure the water, enhancing its vibrational quality.

  3. Shake with Love: Gently shake your Flaska; our bottles are designed to enhance water's natural structure through movement.

  4. Conscious Consumption: Drink slowly, mindfully savoring each sip, and feeling the water's journey, fulfilling its purpose of pure, life-giving hydration.



Flaska glass water bottles and glass on a riverbed, showcasing the pure, structured hydration experience with environmentally friendly, hand-blown glass.

Man quenching his thirst with water from a Flaska glass bottle, encapsulating a commitment to health and environmental protection.



Drink water from glass containers

Embark on a journey of health and environmental stewardship with every glass of water from Flaska. Our glass containers promise a high-quality drinking experience, free from the toxins and impurities often found in plastic. Flaska's commitment goes beyond hydration to a deeper connection with nature. Each programmed Flaska product, encased in glass and complemented by functional parts like protective sleeves and caps, is a step toward a future where artificial materials are replaced with sustainable alternatives.


Join us in this vision of purity and sustainability—sip by sip.