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The Flaska Bottle

Flaska is a water bottle for users with an active lifestyle who wish to drink structured water while taking care of both their health and the environment on the go. The protective sleeves, made from different materials, protect the already robust bottle in the event of falls and bumps.


  • Robust bottle
  • A simple and effective cap
  • Protective sleeve
  • TPS water structuring
  • Various designs
  • Made in EU
  • Sizes: 0,3L / 0,5L / 0,75L





Flaska Home

Flaska Home collection combines programmed glass products for household use. Those are the Vodan jug, the Sirius glass and the Karpo fruit bowl. All products are programmed with the TPS procedure and can structure drinks or food we store in them.





Vodan Jug

The Vodan jug is a programmed jug for water and other beverages. Suitable for family gatherings at the dinner table or for business meetings.


  • Crystal glass
  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Lid made from beech wood and cork
  • TPS water structuring
  • Made in EU
  • Size: 1L






Flaska with your logo

Flaska is a perfect choice for gifts for businesses and organizations, which are aware of the importance of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It has a high utility and symbolic value.


  • Personalisation of your Flaska bottles with your company logo or a special design
  • The possibility of printing names onto the sleeve
  • Very short delivery times due to production in Slovenia
  • Minimum quantity of 10 pieces Gift packaging also available






eFlaska - Water Structuring App

Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the eFlaska app is combining ancient knowledge with modern principles of frequency and vibration using the Quantec Technology to bring your water into the revitalized and energized state of your need and intention.


Simply select one of the vibrational programs, take a photo of your water that you want to structure, wait until the activation process is over and at the end stir or share shake for three seconds to finish the water revitalization. Have a look at the video how to use it: here


There are five different vibrational programs available to serve your needs and intention with its unique and specific frequency: Spring water, Morning boost, Vitality water, Yoga & meditation and Sweet dreams.

As a bonus there are also vibrational programs intended specifically to structure the water for Pets & Plants as well as your shower and bath.


eFlaska is FREE and you can download it here:

iPhone - AppstoreAndroid - Google play.