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 TPS Water Structuring




TPS Water Structuring: Emulating the Vital Essence of Spring Water


This transformative technology by Flaska is not just a process; it's a holistic approach to water. By encoding the vibrational essence of nature into our glass bottles, we bring the structure of your water closer to that found in the natural springs. With TPS, or Technology of Programming Silicon, we invite various forms of natural information to resonate within the glass, enhancing not just the taste but the very energy of the water.


Through a meticulous four-phase process, we ensure every Flaska product delivers a symphony of purity, just as nature intended.



Flaska glass bottles undergoing TPS programming to structure water, showcasing the meticulous four-phase imprinting process for optimal hydration quality.




TPS Glass Programming Procedure: Imprinting Nature's Essence into Flaska

Flaska's journey of innovation is epitomized in our TPS glass programming procedure, a meticulous process designed to enhance your water's vibrational quality:


  1. Engraving Symbols: We start by engraving sacred symbols onto our products, such as the ORO cosmogram, safeguarding the vibrational integrity against external influences and enhancing water structuring efficiency.

  2. Clearing Vibrations: Next, we cleanse the 'old' vibrations from the glass, preparing it to receive the new, life-enhancing programming.

  3. Orgone Programming: In the crucial third phase, our bottles are infused with a vibrational program using orgone cannons for 90 minutes, imprinting nature's wisdom into the silicon dioxide of the glass.

  4. Quantec System Support: Finally, the Quantec radionic device provides continuous vibrational support, solidifying our promise of a lifelong guarantee on Flaska’s structured integrity.


The idea of TPS resulted from our practical experience in the cultivation of strawberries, as there proved to be a significant difference between strawberries watered with “regular water” and strawberries watered with vibrationally structured water.

More information about water structuring:

  • Pangman, Evans: Dancing with water;
  • The New Science of Water Olaf Alexandersson: Living water; Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy
  • Masaru Emoto: Hidden messages of water
  • Fabio Nocentini: Vibrational waters
  • Gerald H. Pollack: 4th phase of water

While seeking an answer to the question of how these changes occurred in water, we first came across Viktor Schauberger, who had discovered in a completely unscientific way that water hides some unusual characteristics. Of course, continuing our research, we could not help but come across modern pioneers such as Preparata, Szent-Gyorgyi, Del Giudice, Pollack, Chaplin and others who have provided theoretical explanations of phenomena observable in practice.


Different tests and measurements were carried out using various research methods as part of the analysis of the effects of the Flaska bottle.


Close-up of water droplets on Flaska glass surface, showcasing the clarity and quality post-TPS programming.
Masaru Emoto water crystal photo made with Tokio water (Copyright © 2013 Office Masaru Emoto)

Flaska water crystal structure captured during TPS programming, symbolizing the enhanced vibrational quality of structured water.
Masaru Emoto water crystal photo made with Tokio water after being treated with Flaska (Copyright © 2013 Office Masaru Emoto)


Flaška d.o.o. guarantees its products will be fully efficient and will structure water during their whole lifespan.


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