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Flaška's Story


On its birth and development, about coincidences which were not, and more...



Programmed Flaska products are unusual at the first glance and I hope that you are interested in how they were created.


My first job was different as anyone would have expected – I was a policeman. However, after 10 years that job no longer satisfied my innovative streak and I had the desire to do more. To be different. So, in the beginning of the 1990s I devoted more and more time to working on my wife’s family farm.


As I was not interested in typical agriculture, I started searching for new challenges in this field. In 1993 I started cultivating strawberries. Because I did not know the agricultural technology very well I was very open-minded towards unconventional approaches. In 2003 I learned about the process of water restructuring. I decided to conduct my own experiment, not because of huge expectations, but because as I was full of curiosity. After having introduced new technologies, the strawberries always showed me what suited them and what not. Today, thinking about how they contain up to 89% water, I came to the logical conclusion that the improvement in the water structure would lead to the improvement in the strawberries. Back then this thought had not even crossed my mind, despite intensively trying different approaches.



So I set up my experiment: I watered half of the field with restructured and the other half with normal water.


For some time there were no apparent major differences, but when the time of harvest arrived it quickly became clear that water had played an important role.


Strawberries, watered with restructured water, were noticeably firmer. The shelf life of fruits was extended and the harvest on the field part that was watered with restructured water was 18.1% more plentiful. At the end of the season the plants were more vital and less affected by disease in this part of the plantation.



In the following years I continued my experimentation with restructured water. I changed from a sceptic to an enthusiast of this technology that had been known for almost 90 years, since the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, the pioneer in water structuring.


To the bewilderment of many, I stopped cultivating strawberries in 2009. They were of excellent quality, the sales were great and everyone was happy. But life was telling me that I needed to find new challenges.


I started by offering the water structuring technology in agriculture. Despite excellent test results (in cultivating fruit, vegetables, dairy production, poultry breeding etc.) the market had not yet been ready to accept an “invisible” technology, despite the fact that its results were very obvious.


After a difficult year and a half I got the idea of implementing the water structuring technology into a bottle for everyday use. A test series was launched in November 2009 and actual production began after a positive response.


That’s how she was born – Flaska! She entered the Slovenian market on the 10th of March 2010.


First Flaska from the test series


Things started to move forward with lightning speed – the Flaska team grew and soon we were launching new bottle models and sizes, expanding to new worldwide markets… It seems like a fairytale, but in real life Flaska also faced hard times, especially in the years from 2012 to 2014. We overcame this period only by working together and lots of positive energy from all our employees and partners.


In the years that followed we developed more programmed products – the Vodan jug, Doggy Flaska for dogs and Sirius drinking glass.


We continue to improve the TPS water restructuring process. Today we can assure you that our products will last you a lifetime. Our philosophy of water restructuring differs from that of most others that are offering this technology.


We help water return to its spring structure. We are all vibrationally aligned with the energy of the water and place where we live – this is why water is not simply water but also a source of our health. That is why Flaska is not only a bottle but also a product that improves the quality of life.


Here at Flaska we stand by the position that all our planet inhabitants should drink water of the best possible quality. We are grateful for every Flaska user as by using it we raise the general awareness of drinking quality water together and at the same time reduce plastic waste.


Flaska stands as proof that we have the power to change the world with virtually every sip of water, drop by drop.


With love and gratitude,
Maks Vrečko, father of Flaska